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Many Real Estate Agents promise you the moon, but their marketing plan for your property is to stick it on the MLS with a couple photos snapped off their cell phone camera. From our local MLS the Listing is automatically picked up by major real estate websites, which are viewed from other countries, so they tell you they are "international."

I am different. I offer exposure few other Agents in South Florida can match.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to the search engines.

Type "Fort Lauderdale Real Estate" or "Fort Lauderdale Homes For Sale" into the search engines, see who pops up in the generic results. According to statistics published by the National Association of Realtors in their 2013 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers 92% of all real estate transactions began with an online search, and a majority of potential buyers looking for property throughout Broward County use those keywords. One is by far the most popular search engine, accounting for around two-thirds of all internet searches. So type the most popular keywords into the most popular search engine and see whose website appears on page one of the generic results.

Chances are – that's how you found my website to begin with. Well, potential Buyers are going to do the exact same thing.

Try to find some of my esteemed colleagues online. You can't? What makes you think anyone else will? Lots of Agents have websites, but you'll never find them in the search engines unless you enter their exact name. How many buyers from New York, from California, from France, England, China or South America are going to do that? None. They've heard about Fort Lauderdale, so they type "Fort Lauderdale real estate" into a search engine, hit enter, scan through the results, start clicking on sites.

The Internet is a vast, complex landscape. Potential buyers from other states, other countries, go to search engines, enter "Fort Lauderdale Real Estate," get 25 MILLION results. It takes special expertise in online marketing to rise to the top of that heap.

My site ( is one of the highest ranked websites in the largest search engine. In fact my personal website usually appears higher in that search engine's generic results than sites for most of the major Real Estate Agencies in town, specifically sites for franchises of large national chains. Averaging over 1,000 page views PER DAY it is translated into 13 languages and viewed from over 30 countries worldwide, with an average 918 real estate searches every day.

While other Agents spout impressive sounding statistics from their corporate brochure I can actually prove it. Click on the links to the right. These are traffic reports for my website downloaded from that search engine's Analytics. Another Agent starts talking about his internet presence, ask him to show you their traffic reports.



Traffic Reports


leading website fort lauderdale real estate


2013 Annual


January 2014


1st Quarter 2014



A Word About
The Word "Hits"


That's why I'm on page one or two of the generic results, and another agent you might be considering is on page 347.

So if you want to showcase your property to thousands of potential buyers worldwide, list with me. With my advanced expertise in online promotion I have developed an exclusive internet-based marketing program which will get your property the exposure necessary to sell it as quickly as possible.

What Makes Me Different

Well, for one thing...

I Answer My Phone

This isn't asking much, but many Agents you might be considering don't even answer their phone, return messages. Working with Buyers, I might have 8 to 10 Listings I want to show. You'd be surprised, calling 8 to 10 Listing Agents, how many do not even answer their phone during business hours, return messages promptly. I'm lucky if I reach four or five. By the time some get back to me I have already planned my schedule, which means my Buyers don't see those Listings, so the Owners of these properties could be losing out on a potential sale. I've had Listing Agents call back the next day, two days later.

What I find particularly annoying – call some Agents you get a Voice Mail recording: "For a faster response, send me a text." This is absurdly unprofessional. It's the same phone. Send a text, the Agent responds immediately. But call them on the exact same phone, they won't answer the call. They don't want to talk to people.



This Is NOT
A Dress Rehearsal.
We Are Professionals And
THIS is The Big Time


– Waylon Jennings     

Who gives these Agents Listings? I daresay nobody who's ever tried to get them on the phone. Perhaps people have just gotten too used to bad service, rude treatment.

Before you List your home with some other Agent, try calling them. See if they answer. If they don't, leave a message like you're a Buyer's Agent, trying to schedule a showing for a property they have Listed. You might be shocked, much as they swear, how many are readily available.

Often this is especially true with big Listing Agents, with a huge marketing apparatus and lots of Listings, whose whole sales approach is to impress you with how busy they are. How is that a selling point? How does that benefit you? Frequently these Agents are too busy and hard to reach. Think what it will be like for a Buyer's Agent trying to schedule a showing of your home with a Listing Agent juggling 12-15 properties. "I can't do that at 10, I can do it at two." Or "I can't do it at two, but I can do it at four." You better hope you are the most expensive Listing these Agents represent. Otherwise, they prioritize. Naturally. Prospective buyers end up conforming to your Listing Agent's schedule. Many times they can't. As a result, your property may not be shown. In addition, say an Agent has 12 Listings in Coral Ridge. Somebody calls up, wants to see property in that neighborhood. Your home could be the fifth or sixth option on their list.

Think about what this means once you give them a Listing. People try to schedule a showing of your property. Wouldn't you like your Listing Agent to take their call? Be available to show it?

Call me during business hours, I answer my phone. If I'm on the line or in a meeting, leave a message. I return calls promptly. Because this is what I do. This is not a side-line for me. I am a professional full-time Real Estate Agent. You accept a listing you assume a responsibility to that Seller, to faithfully represent their property. So I certainly don't resent answering my phone. Furthermore, I don't understand how any Seller who has entrusted the listing of his home to an agent will accept they were simply just too buy that day to show your property to a prospective buyer (like: "yeah, sorry, but I was booked showing a more expensive house"), or that their Listing Agent doesn't like talking on his $500 smart phone, he will only respond to texts.

What I Can Do For You

Stand Out From The Crowd

fort lauderdale internet marketing expert


You cannot buy what you do not find.

List your property with most Agents and you will be essentially lost in the digital wilderness. They will do little more than stick your home on the local MLS, from where it will be picked up by major real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia – along with (perhaps they didn't mention this) – FORTY THOUSAND other Listings from South Florida.

Ever been on these major real estate sites? They have every listing from everywhere. Likewise, Agents from local franchises of large national chains will quote their corporate brochure, recite a lot of buzz words about their company website, but again this is a site which has all that chain's listings from across the country. Aside from the fact my site is usually ranked higher in the search engines, this does not sound terribly exclusive to me.

Before you sign a listing contract with another agent think about what prospective buyers will have to go through to stumble upon your property on the major real estate sites: type "Fort Lauderdale real estate" into a search engine; hit Enter; find a website like Zillow or Trulia (or if they want to scroll through several pages of results, the site for that large national chain); click Enter again; type in "Fort Lauderdale" (again); click Enter - again.

Then they get a list of EVERYTHING for sale on the MLS.

You're probably bored already, just reading this.

When you list with me, however, your property is entered into my own exclusive internet-based marketing program, which I have developed through my extensive expertise with advertising and marketing over the worldwide web. This program is designed to get your property featured prominently online, to create more traffic and showings, so your home can sell as quickly as possible.



Marketing Program


exclusive online real estate marketing program


Now I realize almost every other agent you might consider will say pretty much the same thing. But you can check on me. That's because you can actually FIND MY WEBSITE in the search engines. Try to find their site. Type "Fort Lauderdale Real Estate" into the world's largest search engine, see if their website comes up in the first couple pages of the generic results. Then keep going. And going. And going. There's 25 MILLION results. Chances are they'll be in there somewhere.

If these people know so much about internet marketing, how come they're on page 347 of the search engine results?

In addition, you might also wonder if this same level of knowledge, expertise and credibility applies to everything else they might tell me.

What You Can Do For Yourself

Go With The Verifiable Expert

When you list your home for sale the first thing you want is an Agent you can trust. Many Realtors will talk big, promise you the moon, but ultimately you can only take their word, trust them, because you just can't find them on the Internet.

Deal with me, however, you are dealing with a VERIFIABLE EXPERT in online marketing. You can look me up in the search engines, find my website, see my traffic reports.

I do my own website. I do my own digital marketing. This is knowledge and expertise that I possess. Other agents work at an office where their website is contracted out to a web designer. They can't even tell you who DOES their site, what they do, let alone control content, shift focus to emphasize your listing. Web design firms charge an hourly rate for changes. Their Broker doesn't want to spend that money, even if either of them knew what to do. In addition, their online marketing is a company program. Their Broker pays for his Agency to be "featured" listings on, pays to have his Agency's listings displayed as a single property website (that nobody will ever find) on

Most Agents simply don't handle these matters directly. They are reciting buzz words and catch phrases from their corporate brochure, things their Broker tells them to tell people. You can't actually expect them to know anything. It's literally not their field of expertise. Think about that.

You first clue should be if they start talking about "hits." (Click on the link to the right.)



The First Clue

Somebody Knows ANYTHING
About Online Marketin



A Word About


The Word "Hits"


List with me, however, and the buck stops here. I have hands on. I do the website. I do the internet marketing. I don't farm anything out. I will answer my phone, take care of my colleagues who are trying to show your property.

When I accept a Listing, I accept the responsibility to my Seller, to faithfully represent their property. I will live up to that responsibility.

Jim Esposito

Intercoastal Realty

Ft Lauderdale Listing Agent

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