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The Word Hits

A Quick Way to Gauge A


Realtor's Internet Marketing Expertise

While we're on the subject, anybody talking "hits" is either:

1. Misleading you (I'm being nice here)


2. Doesn't have the faintest idea what he is talking about

For "hits" is a very deceptive and outdated term. What you want is Page Views or Visits. A Buyer calls up my Home Page that is a Visit and a Page View. They click on my Great Deals, or hit one of my IDX Listing Buttons, that is a second Page View.

The term "hit" dates back to the early days of the Internet, and counts how many individual files are transmitted from the server to the browser. In the "old days" of the internet you were calling up pages that were mainly text. But the web progressed and web design got more complicated. Now a single page might contain a number of files. If I've got three photos and a logo on a page you call up that might count as five hits.

As a result, anybody knowledgeable about the internet is more concerned with Visits and Page Views.

Still, big talkers will try to "Wow" you with big sounding numbers.

You might notice, incidentally, if you looked at the Google Analytics report I have linked to my "Selling My Home" page, they don't even mention hits, don't even bother at this point tracking hits. That should tell you something.

Meantime, anybody hyping you on "hits" is betraying their own ignorance of online marketing, or blowing smoke up your you-know-what.

Still, for the record, if you want to talk hits, in 2014 my website received 1.15 Million hits.

To put that into propsective, however, take December 2014. According to statistics provided by my ISP my site got 5,352 Visits, 15,318 Page Views, which amounted to 111,058 Hits.

So yeah, I'd like to tell you I get over a million hits, for it's an impressive sounding number. But to anybody who knows anything about online marketing that is totally antiquated and unsophisticated, and any Agent who starts bragging about hits is either insulting your intelligence, treating you like a rube, or grasping at straws, betraying his (or her's) own ignorance.

You can't really blame them. They're just trying to make a living. But the inescapable fact is these Agents don't know much about online marketing because they typically don't handle these matters directly, so they're simply reciting some buzz words and impressive sounding stats off their corporate brochure, stuff their Broker tells them to tell people.

If you want your property marketed online properly, list it with a VERIFIABLE EXPERT in online marketing.

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